Pen Show Seminars

All Workshops & Seminars also require weekend pass or wristband to attend

Ralph Nib Tuning

Times Friday 3-4:30 pm, Saturday 3-4:30 pm


Nib-Tuning Workshop (Beginner/Intermediate)

Want to learn how fountain pen nibs work, and how to take a nib that’s so-so out of the box and smooth and tune it into a writer that fits you perfectly? This is the class for you. A fully hands on Nib-Tuning Workshop with Ralph Reyes of Regalia Writing Labs. Learn the basics and intermediate techniques of nib-tuning from Chicago’s very own Ralph Reyes, the phenom behind Regalia Writing Labs. With Regalia, Ralph set the pen world on its ear with his creative designs and manufacture of amazing and unusual nibs; Ralph also has studied under several revered nib masters, most notably under Richard Binder.

  • These classes are limited to 12 participants. A seminar and materials fee of ($60) is due on signup.

  • Participants will receive all the tuning supplies necessary to tailor and calibrate their own pens, and the knowledge to be confident that almost any pen they purchase can be adjusted to their individual hand.

  • Masks required.

  • Friday Seminar is FULL

  • Saturday Seminar is FULL

  • Location:  Poplar Creek Room.

Class limited to 12 participants.



Nik Italic

Time: 9 am - noon Saturday

Learn Italic

Join Nikola Pang in learning the beautiful, classical, forms of Italic script. Cancelleresca, or Chancery hand, came about from a marriage of humanist and Roman forms and really hit its stride during the period we know as the Italian Renaissance. These scripts were so popular in their multitude of variations that they quickly became adopted by both the church and became adopted throughout the old world as a standard. Classically beautiful, flowing, very nearly ideal in readability and highly refined through the ages it's no wonder that Italic is still considered by a large number of calligraphers and typographers to be a "perfect script." This course will focus on the history, forms, and execution of creating classic (and perhaps a few contemporary) Italic hands.

  • The course includes all materials and handouts.

  • If you wish to bring your own tools feel free.

  • Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own ruler and mechanical pencil if possible.

  • $70 materials fee, for three hours.

  • Masks must be worn.

  • Sign-up at this link.

  • Location: Salt Creek Room

Participant minimum is 8, maximum is 12.




Nik Copperplate

Time: 9 am - noon Sunday


Learn Copperplate

Copperplate calligraphy, also known as roundhand, engrosser's, and engraver's script, is considered by most to be the mother of all pointed pen hands, and is one of the most recognizable and highly demanded design elements in pointed pen calligraphic works. In this course Nikola Pang will go over a concise version of its history and learn to use dip pens in order to form the basic strokes of its construction.

  • This course is geared towards beginners but those with more experience may attend it as a refresher course.

  • The course is $70 for the 3 hours and includes all the tools (nibs, holders, papers, handouts).

  • Attendees are welcome to bring their own supplies for use if they wish.

  • Nik encourages attendees to bring a pencil and ruler with them.

  • Masks must be worn.

  • Location: Salt Creek Room. 

  • Sign-up at this link.

  • Participant minimum is 8, maximum is 12.


Time: 9 am - noon Sunday

Geoffrey Parker

Times: Saturday 1:30-2:30 pm, Sunday 1:30-2:30 pm


PARKER and the Parkers

We have a very special treat this year, only at the Chicago Pen Show. You know the Duofold, the Vacumatic, the 51, the 75 and the Jotter. Now come hear about the history of the PARKER Pen Company, and the family behind it: the people behind the pens, and how the decisions they made, and the interests they had turned into some of the best-known, and best-loved pens from the Golden Age of American fountain pens, into the present day. This talk is given by Geoffrey Parker, brand historian and worldwide ambassador for PARKER, contributor and co-author to Parker books, and the eldest of George S. Parker’s great-grandchildren. Pens have been a part of his entire life. He’s living the dream today, acting as ambassador for the rich heritage behind the brand. This is not a corporate success story – it’s a story of how the Parker family pursued their dreams.

  • Masks required.

  • Location: Illinois Room

  • FREE


Michael Sull

Saturday: 3 - 4 pm

Elegant Stationery for Fountain Pens

.Michael Sull, master penman, noted calligrapher and handwriting teacher extraordinaire, gives a free talk about paper for fountain pen users. He will also delve into some of the lesser known international and boutique fine papers. Michael is a delightful and engaging speaker, and we are pleased to be hosting him again at the Chicago Pen Show.

  • Location: Illinois Room

  • FREE