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All Workshops & Seminars also require weekend pass or wristband to attend

No need to register for free classes

Friday Seminars

Saturday Seminars

  • 9am-12pm Learn Copperplate with Nik Pang, $70, limit of 13, Poplar Creek Room, Spots Available

  • 10sm - 10:30am - Have Fun While Improving Your Handwriting In Just 30 Minutes, Guaranteed! with David Barker, $10, limit of 13, Salt Creek Room Spots Available

  • 10am-11am - Flourishing with Fountain Pens with Michael Sull, FREE, Chicago Room

  • 11am - 11:30am Have Fun While Improving Your Handwriting In Just 30 Minutes, Guaranteed! with David Barker, $10, limit of 13, Salt Creek Room Spots Available

  • 12 - 1pm - Conid Pens By Allan Shinogle, Conid Pen Ambassador, FREE, Chicago Room

  • 1pm - 2pm - The "Parker" Vac Extractor with Scott Pauley, FREE. Poplar Creek Room

  • 2pm-3pm - Fountain Pen 101 with Gourmet Pens, Salt Creek Room, $100. limit of 13 register here

  • 2-4pm American Cursive Handwriting Intermediate with Hong Nguyen, $50 class limit 20,Chicago Room Spots Available

  • 3:30pm - 4:00pm - Have Fun While Improving Your Handwriting In Just 30 Minutes, Guaranteed! with David Barker, $10, limit of 13, Salt Creek Room Spots Available

  • 4:30-5:30pm - “System Techo and Creative Thinking” – a seminar presented by PLOTTER USA, Chicago Room FREE

Sunday Seminars

  • 9-10am Tangles & Doodles with Hong Nguyen, FREE, Chicago Room 

  • 1-2pm Intro to the Art of Modern Handwriting with David Barker, $25,Spots Available 

Nik Pang

Learn Italic . -  Friday May 5th for 1pm-4pm. The course includes all materials and handouts. If you wish to bring your own tools feel free.
Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own ruler and mechanical pencil if possible..

Cost is $70 
Class limit of 13  


Learn Copperplate - Saturday May 6th 9 am - 12pm. The course includes all the tools (nibs, holders, papers, handouts).Attendees are welcome to bring their own supplies for use if they wish. Nik encourages attendees to bring a pencil and ruler with them 
Cost is $70 

Class limit of 13  

Azizah Asgarali

Fountain Pen 101 with Azizah from Gourmet Pens, Saturday May 6th 2p, - 3pm.  This is an introductory class to the world of fountain pens. This is a great class for new users, new pen show attendees, and those wondering what on earth to do with a new fountain pen. We'll ink up a fountain pen together, and go through some common problems. Azizah will also have other fountain pens to check out so you can get an idea of just how much trouble awaits! 


The following materials will be provided and are included in the price of your workshop ticket. 
Fine Writing Fenestro x Gourmet Pens Medium Nib
Inks to play with

Please bring your own notebook/papers with which to experiment and play. Feel free to bring ink samples you want to use up or share! It can add to your inkperience!

Cost is $100, class limit of 13 Register and pay here 

Hong Nguyen

American Cursive Handwriting Intermediate - Saturday May 6th 2-4pm 

"Hong Nguyen is a Master Penman who—after devoting effort, patience, and time to penmanship—was officially certified by Master Penman Michael R. Sull at the 2021 Ohio Pen Show.

“All who are interested in learning about and achieving proficiency with regards to American Cursive Handwriting are welcome to attend my workshop. I am looking forward to meeting and teaching everyone who desires to progress.”

This class is ideal for those who can already write in American Cursive, but would like to build upon their knowledge and technique. Hong Nguyen is a certified, experienced instructor who has taught and helped many people of various backgrounds. Her skill and resolution has been acknowledged not only through awards, but also through the words of her students and mentors. Her goal is to help people improve and appreciate the joy that handwriting brings, and these sentiments show that it is well within reach.

Handouts and materials are included, class limited to 20, $50


Tangles and Doodles, Sunday May 7th 9am-10am, FREE 

Have you ever found yourself with too many pens? Too much ink to use within any realistic time span? And, even with this surplus, you find yourself lacking in any motivation or idea of what you want to write? Hong Nguyen, a Master Penman and instructor for all ages, suggests doodling. In this class, she will teach many techniques and patterns that can be combined to create beautiful works of art. This class does not have a requirement regarding skill level or knowledge of art, and everyone who attends will be able to leave with a unique, appealing piece of their own makingAttendees should bring their own fountain pen(s).


Michael Sull

Flourishing with Fountain Pens

“System Techo and Creative Thinking” – a seminar presented by PLOTTER USA, Saturday, May 6th 4:30pm FREE

What is system planning and how does this method of writing and documenting fit into our lives that is mostly digital? Learn about PLOTTER and how this system can help you organize your plans, thoughts, and ideas in your daily routine. April from PLOTTER USA will be introducing the PLOTTER system and introduce several ways to re-ignite the practical habit of handwriting and thinking outside the box. She will introduce models and concepts that apply to note-taking, decision-making processes, and reflective journaling habits.

Plotter USA

Scott Pauley

The "Parker" Vac Extractor Saturday May 6th 1pm - 2pm. FREE 

Scott has developed a new tool to remove the vac filler from Parker Vacumatics. It is called The “Parker” Vac Extractor or Vac Extractor. He will talk about the tool and how the concept and design came to be as well as giving some training on the proper use of it as well as the features that make this tool out perform the other tools such as the Vac Blocks (which he also makes and sells.) and the Vac Wrench type tools.  

David Barke

Have Fun While Improving Your Handwriting In Just 30 Minutes, Guaranteed! 

Saturday May 6th 10am - 10:30am, 11am - 11:30am and 3:30pm - 4pm, $10, 14 max

Join attorney, teacher of fine handwriting, and IAMPETH member, David Barker, as he performs a quick analysis of attendees own work and provides them immediate feedback in class. Although not required, attendees will greatly benefit by bringing in a sample of their own work to analyze (to save time creating the sample.) David recommends the sample contain at least one full paragraph, a full page being ideal.

"Intro to the Art of Modern Handwriting" Sunday May 7th 1pm - 2pm, $25, 

Join attorney, teacher of fine handwriting, and IAMPETH member, David Barker, as he walks attendees through a system of handwriting that helps them make their own handwriting quick, readable and personally expressive. David is a United States Army veteran who overcame his own doctor's prediction that he would, "never write again let alone sign [his] own name" after suffering severe dominant right arm and hand injuries in Iraq. His determination to write again, along with his intellectual curiosity and enthusiastic outlook, led him to develop a historically-based but easily adaptable system that works for everyone. So, if the same old schoolhouse systems of handwriting and methodologies haven't worked for you, you'll want to check out this seminar. 

Conid Pens By Allan Shinogle, Conid Pen Ambassador, Saturday May 6th 12pm - 1pm

Al will share a bit of the history of the Conid pen brand. What makes a Conid pen...a CONID pen!. Highlights and video of how the pens are made. Current events and the near term future for the brand. We will discuss how to order your pen from the hundreds of options available, in order to make the pen exactly the way you want it. Pens will be available to write with.

Allan Shinogle

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